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How to back pain throughout

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Sets in python and with the help of examples

What are sets in python?

Sets in python: A set in Mathematics refers to an unordered collection of objects without any duplicates. An object or typeset may be created by enclosing elements of the set within curly brackets. The set objects may also be created by…

what is string in python with the help of example?

String in python: Elementary forms of data such as numeric and Boolean are called scalar data types. Several applications require more complex forms of data. For example, the name of a person, or an SMS may be expressed in the…

Debugging in python with the help of example?

Debugging in python: When a program fails to yield the desired result, we say that it contains a bug. The bug could be an error such as division by zero, invalid type conversion, using a variable not defined, wrong initialization, or some…

Testing in python:

testing-in-python: Program testing aims to expose the presence of bugs in the programs. To find the bugs in a program, we test them on various inputs. We correct the errors found in this process and feel confident that the program will run smoothly.

An Example: Finding Maximum of Three Numbers in python:

Let us examine the Script max3 (Fig.1)…

Nested if-else Conditional Statement in python

General Form of if- elif-else Conditional Statement:

In this statement, I discussed nested if-else in python.

The general form of if-elif-else statement is as follows:

if < conditional >:
<Sequence S1, of statements to be executed >
elif < condition2 >:
< Sequence S2 of statements to be executed >
elif < condition3 >…

How to use for loop in python 3 with the help of examples

What is the loop?

for loop in python: Suppose we wish to read and add 100 numbers. Using the method discussed so far, we will have to include 100 statements for reading and an equal number of statements for addition. If…

What is a while loop with the help of an example in python?

While loop in python:

The while loop in python is used for executing a sequence of statements again and again on the basis of some test condition. If the test condition holds true, the body of the loop is executed, otherwise…

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I am web developer. I am student of cs and it.I like programming language like c c++ and python.

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