What is a logical operator in python 3?


logical operator in python: logical operators not, and, and or are applied to logical operands True and False, also called Boolean values, and yield either True or False. The operator is not a unary operator, i.e. it requires only one operand. The expressions not True and not False yield False and True, respectively.

An expression involving two Boolean operands and the and logical operator in python yields True if both the operands are True and False otherwise, Similarly, an expression involving two Boolean operands and the or operator yields True if at least one operand is True and False otherwise. This is shown table.

While evaluating an expression involving an and operator, the second sub-expression is evaluated only 1f the first sub-expression yields ‘True. For example, in the expression (10 < 5) and ((5/0) < 10), the first sub-expression (10 < 5) yields False, and thus determines the value of the entire expression is False, Python does not evaluate the second sub-expression.

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